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Building under construction inspection services

So you are building a new home, the planning has been approved, the builder is all set to go, excitement and expectations are growing, you can’t wait to see things started. At Housecalls we know that enthusiasm abounds at this time, the “on-paper planning” stages have passed and real time construction work is about to start, but not everything goes to plan in the home building industry, that’s why we are here to help people just like you through the building stages.

The “Slab Down” stage of the build is the foundation that the property will be constructed on and this is the most fundamental part of the build.

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”. – David Allan Coe

At Housecalls we want to make sure that the foundations of your property will stand the test of time and the construction methods used during the build process meets the current Australian Standards, with this in mind our inspection reports have been developed by the Housecalls team from many years of experience as practising builders, they are designed to provide you with the best information available in an easy to read and understand format for this “Slab Down” stage of the construction.

Ensure your future property gets to stand the test of time by arranging for a “Slab Down” Housecalls inspection report.

Our inspections cover:


Visual Condition

Dimension – Perimeter Linear

Dimension – Diagonal Linear


Surface Finish

Surface Levels






DPM Positioning