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Homes need care and attention just like most other things in life, sometimes we find even with care and attention homes develop issues that need that extra special attention. You have or think you may have issues to your home, but you are unsure to what extent the problem has reached? You’re looking for answers? You need the answers? Then you need the Housecalls Team.

At Housecalls we are here to help, we can inspect and provide a detailed report on our findings. The most common issues we investigate are moisture ingress (showers and roof problems), sagging ceilings (glue or strapping failure), wall plaster cracking (stress movement or from applied methods), mortar fretting (mortar erosion in brick walls) and roof frame deflections (strut failure, missing or incorrect fixings).

If you have concerns about any construction issues with your home then contact us to arrange an inspection. We can then provide you with the right information on the problems so you are well informed on any rectification work required.

Having problems with recent work carried out by a contractor or builder? Contact us here at Housecalls, where our team members can produce reports suitable for submission to the Building Commission *

* Inspections for submission to the Building Commission or for litigation are charged at the standard rate for the initial inspection to advise the viability of pursuing a complaint. Further work charges will be estimated at the time of the initial report. Our  Book an inspection  page has our latest inspection prices.

The Housecalls Team – Looking after you and your Home.

Booking an inspection could not be easier, our single page online booking form allows you to provide us with all the information needed to arrange the inspection, process the report and send to you. Get yours booked now!

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